Kidagakash "Kida" Nedakh

Disney canon from Atlantis: the lost empire

OCs are welcome!

Multi-ship and AU Friendly.

Mun is 18, muse is 18+

FC: Emilia Clarke from game of thrones.



"No..I mean personality wise. Like there is just something I cannot put my finger on." Kida replied looking toward the manservant. "Like you have a certain destiny about you"

Merlin gave her a speculative look, that word destiny catching his attention as it always did. “You’re no ordinary visitor of Camelot, are you?” He asked rather than acknowledged the truth in that statement.

"My name is Kida..I am over three thousand years old. No, I am no ordinary guest." She replied, "I am princess of Atlantis, I have come here to search on how to make my people live again, they survive, but they do not thrive. My home has many mysteries that even I do not know, my father will keep it that way until his dying breath."

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"Captain." kida explained "You haven't seen a child about two years, with an old man and a few guards have you?"



       “…With guards? No, I can’t say I have. My apologizes, miss.” He probably would have noticed them sooner than an older man and child, considering he tended to keep an eye out for any sort of law officers or protectors as a general precaution.

"She is my daughter.." Kida explained, "She was taken by an old man and guards from my arms.. his name is Denethor, if you see either the guards or the man tell me so I can ran my sword through them." By the end of the sentence there was anger in her voice. Mr Smee looked toward Hook, "Perhaps we should take her on board?" He suggested.

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Faramir helped Kida to her feet, hands placed upon the side of her face, “Are you badly injured?” He asked, she gave a shake of her head in response. “I’m fine.” She lied, when really her head was banging and her arm throbbed. “We need to get to Elinor.” Kida whispered…

Faramir looked to the hobbit, “Pip. I need you with Kida.” He replied, “I am going first to anything that is not an orc then we are all dead small or not” he explained before heading up the steps first. Kida closely behind her own sword in grip.

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I have a FC suggestion: Would you consider Estella Daniels? She doesn't have the hair but her bone structure and skin color are very much like Kida's. :)

//I can’t really see her as Kida :o

This guy swallowed a sword and did a back flip!
He is in the Guinness World Record for being the only man to swallow 24 swords!

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